Project Runway Junior Recap Challenge 3: Avant Garde

It's week three and time for teams! 

project runway junior designer allie team challenge avant garde fencing look

This was a really fun challenge! As soon as the fencers come out I knew this was going to be exciting and then when Tim took off his helmut I was in awe. Who knew Tim fenced?! I was already inspired but I did have a moment of nerves when he announced that this would be a team challenge. In the history of the show team challenges don't usually bring out the best in people. Learning that I was paired with Chelsea was exciting  but I knew we worked very differently and I wondered how we would work as a team. What we learned about each other is that we are both open to ideas and wanted to give it our all!

project runway junior designer allie team challenge avant garde fencing

When we sat down to sketch we had several ideas, but I knew I wanted to do some kind of cool pants. I liked the aesthetic of the angular sleeves in my previous top and thought an armor-like version could be cool. The more we talked the more our vision came together, but Chelsea's doubts started to hold us back. I love the girl but she doubts herself too much and my mantra began as I would constantly tell her, "Don't doubt the design!" Chelsea even joked that if the judges liked it she would take credit and if they didn't she would blame which Chris came to my defense in his usual joking self. I knew we had a winning look and I couldn't wait to put it together! 

Tim's critique was actually very positive which surprised Chelsea but once she heard his feedback she was back on board with our look. I was thrilled to hear that he loved our design.

Chelsea and I actually worked really well together! I drafted the pants and the spikes for both the top and pants. After drafting the pants, Chelsea sewed them. I then sewed the spikes on them. Chelsea drafted the bodice and neck and sewed them together, I drafted the sleeves for the top and sewed them in as well as the spikes and zipper. We worked together to glue in the chicken wire that held the scales up. 

I guess there was some drama in the work room with Hawaa and A'kai but as always, I was oblivious. I think they are both great designers and understand that it's hard to work with someone else when you have your own creative ideas. Everyone has a melt down at some point and unfortunately this wasn't a good week for them. 

As soon as our model, Ya, put on the look we were beyond excited! She was the perfect model for our fierce design and watching her walk down the runway gave me chills. The judges loved our look and I had to laugh when Kelly said how shocked she was to see these two sweet little fairies designed such a bad a** look! Christian said our design made him want to take up fencing. It was so flattering to hear their words!

project runway junior designer allie fencing team challenge

Tieler and Molly were also on the top and I was shocked by their design - I honestly have no clue how they even came up with it! Now I want to work with industrial felt - who knew it could look like that?!

While Chelsea and I didn't technically win this week we were on top and that felt great! I couldn't be more proud of our design and I wish I could wear it myself.

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